Truth or Truth

by the anonymous writer

::this fiction story is dedicated to anyone who suffered form any kind of abuse, and then the abuser killed themself for their own safety.::

I looked out the window. The rain was now a light mist. I could hear my brother's drums echo. He blasted his music, playing along it. So far the only thing I hear was the "rain" falling to the concrete.

I didn't miss Salem. Salem was part of my past now. And so was Andy. But sometimes I catch myself thinking of them both, my voice yelling for help. The gun being pointed. The sound of the bullet flying from the gun at Andy. Then Salem closed his eyes and the gun went off once more. I remember it all, even though it happened a month ago.

This thought about Salem and his actions, and Andy and his actions, will always remain. It's how they got away that makes me mad.

I punched my pillow. It's all my fault. Roxy warned me about them. "They did worse to others and got away with it," she told me. "Never be alone with them."

"Jessy, time to go to the doctor!" my mom yelled. I got my coat and raced downstairs.

As mom drove us down to the doctors office (to make sure I was okay) I crossed my fingers and closed my eyes.