Too Many Taken

by Megan Brady

When I was 4 my real father was murdered and taken from me. I didn't real know him because I was so young, but just knowing he's not there still hurts. My step father was there for me in the times I was hurting. I went through my childhood years with this great father figure who did anything for me. He taught me how to play softball and be a aggressive athlete. Then it happened again. He was on his way to take my sister to a softball clinic.On their way there was extremely thick fog. My dad jerks his truck to the right as he tries to avoid a semi sitting in the middle of the road. In a split second his life was taken. In just matter of time the only father I ever really knew was gone. It took so long so actually go to sleep at night without crying. I felt so empty inside. I always told myself I would be ok because God would never take something so precious away from me again. But about 2 and half years later I was proven wrong. A week after my 16th birthday my brother disappeared. (He was hypoglycemic which no one new while he was alive. He was never much of a sweets eater. He had 0% sugar in his system which totally screwed up his brain. He talked like a crazy man). My mother got a visit from a local police officer and was told he stepped in front of an oncoming freight train. Those words changed our lives forever. I thought my mom was going to go crazy. She has been through so much in her life and now she comes to find her first born is gone too. It is so hard to think about all of my losses. I'm afraid it will make me a miserable girl so I try not to think about them. And when I do think about them, I just feel numb. My life has been a very confusing puzzle. And I say it's a puzzle because I believe that God has something planned for me some day. I think God gave me all of these obstacles because they will help me in time to come.