To My Bubby

by Amanda Nicole Barbich

God saw you were getting tired,
and a cure was not meant to be,
so He put his arms around you,
and whispered "Come to Me."
With tearful eyes we watched you,
and saw you pass away,
althought we loved you dearly,
we could not make you stay.
The love that you showed others,
and sweet way you cared for all,
will remain in our hearts always,
life just isn't fair, it threw us a curve.
We'll deal with this together,
as we remember your loving heart,
not one person in this world,
could ever forget who you are.
Your memory will live on through many,
me being number one,
You made my life so joyful,
You were my number one.
The love of your life is what you called me,
and I never got the chance to say something I know you could see,
I was the apple of your eye but
you were life to me.