Thoughts of You
submitted by Alina
i thought of you today and much to my surprise 
i could see your face and the green that luminates your eyes 
i could hear your hardy laugh and your voice so deep n low 
i miss you more and more each day, just wanted you to know. 

i thought about you yesterday, and the day you laid to rest 
a single fear-struck tear puts my strength up to the test 
i can see you in your chair, the place i left you that day 
i can see you on the floor, the place you decided to drift away. 

i thought about you weeks ago, and had to fake a smile 
i yearn to feel your presents, i know its been awhile 
but i can hear the squeak of your giant rocking chair 
and when i walk by it, i hate that your not there. 

i thought about you months ago, just to reminisce 
to think of all the memories, somethings i just won't miss 
i heard the stomp of boots against the tile floor 
its a day i'll remember now and forever more. 

i thought of you just now, and how it hurts so bad 
to look back on all this, and everything we had 
i have a picture of you, i remember what you said 
"i'll never truly leave you", it replays inside my head.