The Door

by Kristen Cabrera, Springfield, IL

I've been hurt bad,
but I'm going to let you in.
Please realize the pain and scars are still open.
Knowing there not healed,
I'm letting you get close.
Watching and learning your every move,
hoping you'll be different.
Not judging me by my past,
but helping me throughout my life.
As I left you in,
remember I'm fragile and weak.
Things you might say may hurt,
or make more wounds.
My heart is open to you,
weather you take it or scar it. 
But my heart is open to you only.
If you hurt me,
I'll lock my door to my heart.
Never opening it again.
So please make me a promise,
that if I trust and love you,
and my heart remanes open,
I put you there and you will stay there.
And never leave me.