Stay Close

by Erika, 12, UT

You were once here,
Now you're gone.
Once a voice
Now a song
Once a bright shining light
Now a star in the night
Once alive
Now a dream
I miss you
You miss me
When I saw you lying there
I could feel you in the air
Until I come home
There you will be
The best of best 
Friend, cousin, and family
Katelyn stay close
You're all that I need
To make my life simple
To make me complete

Katelyn died March 6, 2009, after 16 wonderful years of her life.
She will always be remember by the people who loved her.
Perhaps, what we'll miss most of all, is a laugh that rang
louder than any we've ever known.

R.I.P. Katelyn. You deserve to sleep well.
With Love, Erika