My friend Sheherra

by Vanessa Reed

I would like you to post this about my friend Sheherra that passed away January 18, 2000.

She was loved by many with her very odd ways to make people laugh and smile. She was only 10 and she passed away from an asthma attack at a birthday party, her best friend was Randi Marvets they used to walk to school together and on wednesdays and friday Sheherra used to stay the night over at Randi's because it was band day. Along time ago when there wasnt many younger kids to hang out with in the apartments we lived and Sheherra used to do every thing together but I was 3 years older than her so we weren't in the same school or any thing, but she was my only friend really.. so when other kids moved in we both started to hang out with different people like people our own age and thats when I lost my best friend.

But I am glad she was happy when she started to hang out with Randi, since she go put under so much stress at home for the fact her mom got shot by a stray bullet at a night club so xhe had a lot of things to do around the house like cooking cleaning and helping her mom.

But a week before she went with the angels she asked me to go to church with her and I feel really bad who knew that would have been the last time I saw her, but I didnt go. But I did see her on the day her and Randi went to the slumber party...the last words she said to me was bye. Randi was so shook up about this because the last word she heard was Hospital. But the next week she was pronounced brain dead and if they could have saved her she would be a vegetable.

The funeral was way hard and of course my step-dad is a butt hole and he was all loud and rushing us to find find the right place to sit, finally I sat next to my best friend Jessica and then the tears started to roll down my face. The worst part was when they brought the body out for when they where taking it to the cemetary, it was so weird knowing I will not see my friend ever again. And I know she is an angel already becaust god took her innocence away from her and I know she is watching over me and everyone else that knew her and loved her.

Thanx for letting me write this,
Vanessa Reed age 12.