Shattered Life

by Victoria M

The one word that makes people think
What is it?
What is our purpose in it?
For me life is like a dark tunnel
Only, the tunnel keeps going and never ends
It's filled with pain and sadness
There is no hope, only sorrow
Everyone close to me starts disappearing
After a while, I'm the only one left
There is no love or happiness
I've check a million times, but haven't found any
I feel like I'm in a nightmare but I never wake up
Monsters come after me but I hide
To tell you the truth I miss the times when there was no pain
But those days are long gone.

RIP: Kat K. November 23, 2004
RIP:Grandma December 22, 2003
RIP: Nathan April 28, 2003
RIP: Aunt Paula June 14, 2001