by Faith, Age 11, New York

Sadness is taking over
Taking over my world
Leaving me empty and cold
While staring at the box
The box holds someone inside I will never forget
Getting in trouble
Having problems
It all revolves around sadness
I wish it would go away
But it seems like it’s here to stay
Living in my heart
It will never go
Refusal to accept
What I have lost
Taking over
Lost inside
How shall I escape?
Is there escape?
Please help
The box will haunt
Leaving me in broken dreams and memories

My Grandma was about 76 when she died. I was 10 then. She was the only one in my family who understood me and everything I had to say. She was the nicest person you would have ever met. She was thoughtful, respectful and smart. She would help me sew and give me courage. I miss her so much. She was really nice. Then we discovered she had heart problems, and for years, ever since I can remember she had been getting heart treatment. The on October 4th, 2003, My Grandmother Helen passed away. Not even my friend could get used to it. Daniela would walk in and say Hi Helen and then remember she would not be getting a hello back. I'm giving this story to remember my Grandmother and share her kindness with everyone.

Thanks for reading, Faith, age 11, New York