By Amber

When i was 4 years of age my most special friend passed away that was my mom. My mom was the most special thing there was to anyone everyone loved her and she loved everyone The one thing i most remember about her is when she would laugh she would laugh all the time. Well she died if an aneurysm which is when a blood vessel pops in your head. The last thing she sad to my grandma is to promise to make sure my kids (my brother and i) are taken good care of. And every since that day my dad took us home and about 1 year later i thought nothin else would go wrong such as another death and one night my grandma came to our house and told us our grandpa had passed away he was the best grandpa i ever had! I didn't think i could take it anymore so i thought about committing suicide. After i got help i was all better but still very very very sad we were sleeping and my aunt called in the middle of the night and i found out my uncle died and his son my cousin found him on his bed dead he died of a heart attack. I was very sad and again thought about killing my self. Then we moved with my dad and he was a drug attic so we moved with my uncle and aunt where i am now and we have lived with them ever since! They are pretty good! I'm so glad i have a lot of friends to help me through this. I cant wait to see my family again! everyone says i look exactly like my mom and i do! i have a picture of her in my bed stand and i kiss it every night! thank you so much for listening to my story i hope you all well!

luv amber