My Great Grandpa

by Michelle/Shelby
Breezy Point, MN

My great grandfather recently past away this summer.
He died about a week before I was going to move to Breezy Point.
He was in his room, with my grandma, and he was just laying there;
my grandma watched him until it was his time.
His children from all around the country came to see him for the last few days.
Family members came to his special goodbye ceremony.
It was at Camp Ripley.
He was in the Navy; his boat in World war II sank the day after he left.
He was an amazing man.
No one I know doesn't know my great grandpa.
As you might of already read in my other stories, he picked up cans all around town.
No one will ever forget him.
Memories we have of him came from our friendly neighbors, a tree full of cans.
We brought the tree to our new house, and when it blossoms, will have many memories growing in front of our house.
I love you Grandpa!!!

My great grandpa is going to a home and its in Albany MN. He's going there because he walks away and he can't remember things. He's a great grandpa and he talks to everyone about the U.S. Navy because he was in it and was in Pearl Harbor.

He love's to tell stories and he's 90 years old but he doesn't care. He's loves where he is now but it's safer for him at a home.Will go and see him about 3 or 4 times a week.

He has 4 great grandchildren and lots of grandchildren has 4 children of his own.

Fire Fighter

by Michelle/Shelby
age 11, Avon, MN

My dad is a fire Fighter in Avon Mn. I love him and I don't want to lose him during he has a call. He his they coolest dad I could ever had. He loves to help others and he'll make you laugh while your sad or mad to get you off the subject. He is very good at school work.

My best friend Miranda Kaeter had lost her grandpa in October 2003. He felt like he was my grandpa. He was a St.Cloud Fire Fighter. That is why I don't want my dad to get hurt. But I still want him to do what he loves.