My Cousin Kevin

by Willis

My cousin, Kevin, is the best friend I ever had. I loved him like no other. I have a very large amount of cousins but my cousins Kevin, Kristen, and I were closer to each other than everyone else in my family was. I'm ten, Kristen is 12, and Kevin is 11. Last year when I was 9 and Kevin was 10, something horrible happened. Kevin was diagnosed with a very rare bone cancer called Ewing's Sarcoma. This just devastated my whole family. Kevin was very smart, kind, generous, and just an all around great person. Kevin battled very bravely with Ewing's for 14 months and then on April 21, 2005 he passed away at Akron's Children Hospital in Akron, Ohio. This made me very angry, angry with the doctors, angry with God, I was angry at the world, but I think I was and still am most angry with myself. I know I really couldn't have done anything but I felt like it was my fault. I am very sad and depressed about Kevin's death and I think about him 100% of the time. This was a horrible experience but I now appreciate life and everything I have a lot more. People say that when someone you love passes away you lose a piece of your heart but for me, and many others, Kevin made my heart a lot bigger. I wish so much that Kevin could have survived or even better not have had cancer but I am very honored to have been his cousin. Also, was mad because many other children have survived Ewing's Sarcoma and other cancers but Kevin didn't. It seems so unfair. Out of all the people in the world, someone I love very much had to die. This is very hard for my whole family but it is even harder for me and Kristen because we had such a close relationship with him.

PS. Kevin I miss you dearly and I love you now and forever!