My Answer
By Jamie's Friend

All the times that we did share
All the memories that I bear
Ill never forget your little smile
You only were put for to rest, for awhile
But as I stand here years down the line
I have never forgotten that you were mine
My best friend, my dancer, the sun in my sky
I haven’t stopped asking God, why?
But my questions will never have answers
But I sure hope heaven has dancers.
No one could tell me you were great
For I knew that, I guess they caught on late.
But with all the soccer games I attended,
And surely the ball you always defended.
But when God took you, your team wondered why
..I told them every soccer player plays up in the sky.
And with ready, set, go. I will never forget.
For even some of the swim meets I missed, I regret.
The winnings were tied, my team was ahead
Jamie Sullivan? You in the next heat butthead.
With those words we knew we were toast
But even with medal you didn’t boast.
So with memories in my heart
And from this world you did part
No one can forget your little smile
And somehow “she’s only resting a while”
Isn’t helping my pain, and the tears still flow
I want to understand, why she had to go.
So my Jamie, my best friend, my dancer
You are with God, and he has my answer.