Memories Never Die

by Callie, Battle Creek, Mi

Only time can help ease the pain
Only faith can get me through
Only God can heal my heart
When I am missing you
Although a year has gone by
At night I cannot help but cry
My heart was broken and dead at times
I know Grandma's go but why now mine?
Questions unanswered and memories not made
You still had to go home on that lovely summer day
Graduation hadn't came and my wedding nowhere near
An adjustment to make of you not being here
When the news came I fell to the floor
Tears in my eyes I shut the door
The world was gone and I was lost
No one to turn to, life had no cost
The next few days went by slow and fast
I was a sad soul wearing a cheerful mask
My feelings were hidden for others around me
It was a time to be helpful and not mourn selfishly
As your funeral came close, the butterflies flew
It seemed impossible to say goodbye to you
At the end of the service, it never hit me you were dead
I just cried over you and softly kissed your head
With a simple "I love you Grandma" I was on my way out
I thought it was all over, there weren't any doubts
But when I would sit and remember the song
I would lay in my bed and cry all night long
Go Rest High On That Mountain, and be at peace pain free
I will never forget the memories Grandma, all of you and me!