by The Not-So-Cliche Girl
The word forever on your lips.
So maybe I will use that word too.

They say that distant relationships don't work out.
But maybe they do from where you are now.
Maybe you can remember, but I know that I can
The way we laughed at the world in your gray van.

Maybe the last thing that went through your mind was me.
Or maybe it was your parents, or "Holy cow, I'm gonna hit that tree!"
Maybe they meant well, when they told me about you,
Or maybe they didn't, of only they knew.

Now they wonder, "What's wrong with her?"
And those who can answer say, "She lost her boyfriend, now don't stare!"
But they will never know what I went through
Not only did I lose my best friend, but I lost you!

I promise you that I will never forget anything,
Maybe you are promising that too, after everything.
But I want you to maybe forever remember
That I still love you, even after that September.

Maybe I am ready to tell your story
How no one's to blame, though everyone is "sorry".
Maybe until that day,
You will still say,
"Maybe, my love, maybe."