Matthew Joseph Meader
December 6/83 - June 4/05

Rest in Peace Matty-Baby. I'll Never Forget You . . .

Kay C. (Written July 30 2005) age 17

Dearest Matty, I wish you could see,
All that you were meant to be.
Everything you meant to me,
My friend, my pal especially.
Although the years had just brought strife,
You held on tight, you faced your life.
You never ran, you weren't afraid,
Kept your head up, you never caved.
I've seen you down and at your worst,
I've seen you bloody and badly hurt.
I felt your anger, shared your pain,
I held your hand 'til morning came.
Two years have passed, seperate ways we went,
You never left my thoughts, strength, to me, you lent.
It didn't seem possible, when I got the news,
I didn't believe couldnt be true!
Eight weeks have gone by, long and angry days,
Shock turns to agony, tears of confusion and hate.
I never knew a hatred so blind
So many questions, running through my mind,
How could a party get so out of control?
People stood by and watched as your life he stole.
A mass of contradictions, rumors not worth a cent
It was all just a jumble, nothing made any sense
Why were you murdered? Why were you killed?
Your life was taken yet so unfulfilled.
What were they thinking? How couldn't they see
Your life was important, you were a daddy-to-be!
Unanswered, unsatisfied, I guess I'll never know,
It's hard to just accept it, but acceptance I will show.
I never thought I'd see the day my Superman would fall,
I should have been there with you, but time I can't recall.
Justice wasn't served, for the pain that they caused,
For all that you suffered, and our lives that were paused.
And although our lives must continue even while you're gone
We'll never forget you, your heart and soul keep living on
Everything you ever gave me, everytime you kept me strong,
Everytime you made me laugh, will live inside me forever long.
Matty-Baby I wish you could see...You'll always be a part of me.