My brother Mason

by Molly R, Ohio, Age 12

Hello. My name is Molly and I live in Ohio. I am 12 years old. I have a ton of friends, and I never realized it till now, but my real best friend was my twin brother Mason. Mason was very ornery. But he sure did know how to have fun! Last week, he died of a rare childhood cancer called Nueroblastoma. He had been fighting it since second grade, but it only got worse. He taught us so many things I will remember forever. Live your life to the fullest because anything can happen. Also, sometimes all you have to do is have a little fun. I believe Mason is now playing basketball in the golden gates of heaven. You never really get over a terrible loss. It will never hurt as much as it has before. It will get easier as the years go by. Here are some things I learned going through this process. Being mad at God for a while is normal. To get over that, just remember God took your loved one because he needed someone really special in heaven. It's okay to cry. Don't feel that you have to make everyone around you feel better about this loss.