Lung Cancer

by Stephanie Fish

I walked in on a Thursday afternoon hoping to see not to many tubes, blood, and needles. But I couldn't avoid it my dad was dying and nothing could stop it. We had went to Disneyland a couple months before he got sick with lung cancer. Not even then did he know this short but deadly world would squeeze his every power. He was strong and never gave up but it wasn't looking good. I sat down next to his cold and helpless body and squeezed his hand until it was warm. I told him I loved him and how my day was going and all I heard was the short breaths and ticks of time running away from him. It was hard to hold in my pain, grief, madness, and tears. I walked out of that room hating life. I told myself he was alive and he will stay that way. The next morning I got the news he had past away. It was hard, all the memories of staying up late with him, hearing the cries of pain and sickness, and looking into his eyes everyday and knowing how much he wanted all of it to go. That's all I have to say about a life ruining disease that no one deserves.