by Casey D.

Age 14
Westfield Mass

I'm lost and I don't know why
I'm scared and i want to cry.
I can't believe you did this to us
You took yourself away, by getting drunk again.
You're lucky,
We are lucky you didn't do it sooner.
The little one's they don't know the truth.
But me, I do.
I know what you really did.
You got drunk, you got in your car
You for got we all exist.
All thirteen grandkids.
All five daughters
Brothers and sisters,nieces and nephews, and your mother in law.

We all know you miss her.
We all do too.
Even those who never knew her.
We loved you and understood somewhat your love for her.
It was the same love, that we have for you.
     (a little more maybe)
And your missing her was normal.
It is the same way the exact same way we all miss you now

I know i'm not the only one you hurt.
You hurt others too.
But you are gone.
It is too late.