by CCC, Age 10

Addison, Illinois


I need to ease my soul

And put all my troubles away

And stop being a droop

Cause that won't fix it

It ain't stopping

Till it's got everything


Isn't nice to be mad

Or sad

Or even happy

Any more

Cause I know it could be better

Cause I'm without you now

No one can fix it

Not even a professional

This something I will find a cure for

It ain't be long

Just take her away

I don't want to see you suffer


I don't like it now

Everything is changed

I don't care

About anything

But I know I should you would want me to

We're still a family

No matter who leaves us

People change

They get hurt

And leaves everyone else

Inside a broken heart

It ain t gonna quit

Till everything is gone

Looking Down

When I think of you

I know

I can trust

My choice

It's the time

A quarter till 8

God whispered "Come with me!"

Oh oh oh oh

I thought you still had time

But the 27th you left

Was it planned

I don't know why

But I feel you tried to leave when we were all there

I like that


Remember When

We had good times

I know your looking down

Looking down on me

Cause when I'm looking up your looking down at me

And that's how you remember when

When I learned to walk

And talk

And sing

N' and now I sing my heart out

Just for you

It starts with C and lump

And a tear

And it ends with more than that

When I look up

I think of you

I think of all the times I had with you

You went at the time

Of the Christ

Oh oh oh oh

I know you hear me

I know you can't respond

I hope you're better

I hope that your in less pain

But I know you're looking down on me

Watching me carefully

Making sure

I don't get hurt

And I thank you thank you for looking down