by Michelle - Avon. MN


Sam is my friend, she's my role model
People make fun of her
Because she's 8 years older than me
You don't have to be the same age
to have a best friend older or younger than you
I wish no one would care about the difference
Sam is one of God's greatest creations on Earth
So why don't people appreciate that

Cancer Aunt

My great aunt has cancer, but she already lost her sister this summer because of cancer. My grandpa is very sad and so is my family. Everyday we get a call from him to tell us hows's she's doing. I wish there was no such thing as cancer because my mom's friend had cancer, 2 of my great aunt's and many more. I know doctors and scientist's are trying a way to stop it but sometimes it's hard to do that. A fifth grader in my school has cancer and was bald, and wore a white mask over his mouth to help him breath and not breath the bad air. I just wish that all people with cancer will never die!

Hurricane Katrina

Everyone wants to live the right way, but there is no right way to live. people say the right way to live is to become rich, but that won't help that will just be a wealthy way to live and same with being famous. Having friends, shelter and even food is probily the right way to live. When Hurricane Katrina hit people notice that family is all that matter's in life. When someone ask's you what do you want for your birthday don't ask for something big, ask for a hug so they know that's what's imortant to you. The people who got hit by Hurricane Katrina need our help to show them that that's what important in our lives, so please ask your parents to help someone that needs you. That will show that you care about people and not some fancy toys for the Holidays.


My sister was at school when one of her friend's was having a seizure in the hallway with no one around. My sister was near the nurse's office so she ran as fast as she could to save her friend. After the nurse came my sister said good-bye as her friend was taken to the hospital. the nurse told my sister thank you, you're a good helper. When my sister's friend came back to school she said "you're my hero".

Ever since that day I call my sister Hero!