Heart dealing with...

They may have left

You might not see them

But they are always there

With you in your heart

The heart might have caused my Grandma's death

But I do not blame it

I blame nothing

I go with my heart and live...

As she would want me to

Happy and with Friends

But that's not how I feel

I feel like I was born again

Without her




I wish my life would return to me

As it once was

So here's a word

Heart will stay

And help you rebuild

Forever with you

It will try to help you heal

Maybe there will be success,

Maybe there won't be,

But remember

You're loved ones want you to be

As happy as possible

By Faith A. Schepper

Whose Grandma died 2 years ago

And still remembers

What happened

I will remember always

And never forget

Try to have hope

And start again

But never forget

Who you love

Whether they're in this world, or not

I'm 11 and in 6th grade. My full name is Faith Amanda. My grandma died last year. And this is my story of how she died. On Saturday, October 4 we got back from shopping. I had 2 new outfits to wear. I went to my room and started trying them out. My Grandma's room is next to mine. So as I was trying on the 2nd outfit. I get a knock on the door and I hear my mom telling me that there's something wrong with Grandma. I can hear my dad on the phone and then my Mom saying he was calling to police. I came downstairs and sat there and cried. I knew what they were attempting to cover up for. Grandma's weak heart finally gave way. She was dead. That was at 9:41 pm. After that my sister Emily and I went to Daniela's house, she lives across the street. At 11:00 pm my parents came to get me and they said that it was confirmed, she was dead, of a heart attack. I didn't care if Daniels and her older brothers were right next to me (12 and 16 at the time). All I wanted to do was cry. And I did. Daniela came over to where I was standing and comforted me. I was so sad that my parents asked if I wanted to sleep over at Daniela's house. I agreed. She was my only hope if surviving the night. Sleep did not come easy that night. I read the entire 4 the Harry Potter book over from the beginning. I cried that night. And I have cried every night since then.