Gone But Here

by Stefanie Tufly
16 - Illinois

I know it was your time to go. Like you had been taught you went. Your father called to you that weekend and you went home. When you went to sleep on that Friday morning we all thought you would wake up later that day here on earth with us. But whenever you did wake up you were already home. Leaving the place known to those up there as miserable and painful. And as I think you too are probably saying this. For those of us left here you had made a great impression on us. Your time was short but you had done so much. Knowing you the doctors tried to do everything but you might already have been gone from this world. People in this place miss you and some don't know what to do. Up there you say don't grieve I am in a better place by far. The family you left had so many plans left undone or abruptly cut short. I had wanted to say so many things to you, to apologize for some of what I said and know I can't say them to you. The things a daughter does with her mother you looked forward to even though most I didn't you still kept up hope I would do them. Now as I reflect I won't be able to tell you about my first boyfriend, when I go to prom, or even little things that might come up. Right now I think I have so many women willing to influence my life but it's not the same as your own mother. You would be happy to know that I won't give up or let dad give up but it's tough you were most of our lives. I know you are saying don't think like that and no matter what I will always be with you. You might not have a body to occupy but you are still here with me. I am glad I had a chance to call you mom and be part of your life. Thanks for being part of mine.