God's Helping Angel

by Genevive
Des Moines, Iowa
On January 27 I lost someone very very close to me. (my godfather and one of my best friends) He was going through a normal day . . when he was shot and killed by a client. My uncle is a social worker and was called to a troubled teens house . . this kid was 16 and took the lives of two people along with himself. My uncle left behind a wife and six children with one on the way. He touched SO many peoples lives and he doesn't even know that. I still dont know why he killed my uncle and left so many of the people he loved in shock, grief, and pain . . and i may never know, but i do know that now with my uncle in heaven that he is always watching me and I can talk to him whenever i want. Although I will miss him very much . . I will always have the memories to hold onto. Don't worry about crying . . it will only help the loss of your loved one . . don't worry about laughing every once in a while . . your loved one will have wanted you to be happy even when they're gone.