By Devanna McMahon, Age 13
Stoughton Massacusetts

Every night I sit in my bed and lie

Trying really hard to sleep but all I seem to do,

Is cry

The wake is now over and now everyone is back to there homes

I still got my dad but with out you I feel so alone

Some times I feel like I want to end it right now to be with you

But I still have my whole life ahead of me and I don't want my dad to go through
   what I'm going through

Everyday I'm trying my hardest not to break down and cry

And I also question to God why did this have to happen to me, why?

But I really want you here with me and there's nothing I can do

God decided to take you away from me and Mommy too

It's really not fair because I need you here with me

I'm too young for this and I need you desperately

Looking at your pictures that you didn't want to take

Reminds me of everything about you,

Including you and mommy's wake

Ill keep living each day of my life like it's my last

So everyone will have good memories like I do of you when I pass

Because when you were born you were crying and everyone around you was smiling,

And you made it so when you died you were smiling and everyone around you was crying

So when my day comes no matter how it happens

I will be happy no matter what because we will finally be together again....