My "Easy" Life
by Totallysquirrely


My life is filled with pain
School is like hell
People are convinced i'm a "vampire"
Everyone says you lifes so easy
But it's not
There are days where i feel like i'm slipping away
Slipping into hell or some place dark
My days are filled with feelings of hopelessness
And many thoughts of suicide
I don't want fear and pain to rule my life
I don't want to give up before i die
I'm lost and scared
My heart is cold and dark
I'm to afraid to get help
No one can say sorry 100 times and bring my grandma, cousin, and aunt back
No hot salty tears can bring them back
I've heard to many people say they're so sorry
I've cried to many tears
To many people have asked are you ok
I usually say yes
But i never am
And the sad thing is...
I don't know if i ever will be