Don't Say That You're Sorry
by Katie Hurst
Author's Note: This isn't really a story. It's just a jumbled mix of thoughts that I had to get out. This is how people really feel. My best friend died 2 days ago and they've been the worst two days of my life. I think that people need to see a story that isn't polished, just let out, with true feelings show.

My best friend is so funny. My best friend pops his lunch sack every day. He likes to snowboard. He took me to our senior prom after my boyfriend (his best friend) dumped me two weeks before. We played laser tag. We played outburst. He played the bass. It was awesome. My best friend is a foot taller than I. When we went to prom, I had to search at every shoe store in the valley to find shoes with high enough heels. My best friend could always make me laugh. We used to go toilet papering together. He taught me how to dance, how to laugh, how to be my crazy self. My best friend loved to go to the "Big City". Darn the big city. He went with his cousin. They ran out of windshield wiper fluid, and his cousin couldn't see out of the windshield. He couldn't see. His cousin turned into the gas station. He didn't see the truck headed straight for my best friend. My best friend did. I wonder if his life flashed before his eyes. I wonder if I was a part of it. My birthday is on Saturday and I was going to have a party on Friday night. Now I can't. You know why? My best friend is dead. And it doesn't even seem to be real. I keep thinking that he is on vacation. But he's not, and I didn't even get to say goodbye. I miss him a lot. Why did he have to die? Why not me? Why not someone else? Everyone keeps saying "Oh honey. I'm sorry" No you're not. You didn't know him. I DID. Saying that you're sorry won't bring him back to me. Saying you're sorry doesn't make me feel better. It just reminds me that I have lost one of my few friends in the world so stop saying it.