District Honor Band

by Allee Davis, Georgia

It was January 12, 2003. A cold Winter's day on wich snow clung to the trees. I awoke early that morning and suddenly realized that today was not just any other day. Today was the day when I would audition for the Ninth District Honor Band. I quickly dressed and ran downstairs to practice.

Before I knew it, our band director was loading all instruments and driving us to the audition site. When I arived I warmed up for awhile and then got in line for snare drum. It did not take long until I was in front of the judges. I played all four rudiments and the prepared etude with confidence. I was quite nervous though.

Next I got in line for timpani. The time rushed past. When I went in I was less nervous than before. To try to prevent being nervous I thought about the wonderful dinner my family and I were going to have that night. The judges interrupted my thoughts with, "Are you ready to play for us?"

"Yes sir," I answered rather timidly. I tuned and played the prepared lyrical piece. I felt warmth and joy sweep over me as I played the final notes in all their beauty and splendor. I knew I had tried my best.

Finally I went to mallet percussion. I did not think I would do very well, so I was dreading it. I played the required five chromatically adjacent scales plus the chromatic faster and more accurately than I had expected. The judges were amazed.

A few days later my band director anounced our scores. I had been dreading this all weekend. There were only ten musicians that auditioned, so it was not long until he anounced my score. "Allee, you are principle timpanist! I am extremely proud of you!" Mr. Moates anounced proudly. The entire band cheered for me. I am the only totally blind musician to make principle timpani ever. I made it to the second round of auditions wich will determine if I will make it in to the Georgia All State Symphonic Band. I will audition Febuary eighth, 2003. I did not think I would make it. People kept telling me again and again that blind people are not able to do anything. They threw discouraging words at me but I never gave up. No matter what anybody tells you, follow your heart, do what you love, and never give up.