His Closest Friend

by Brandi Marchetti, Age 13

I knew you were hurting although you wouldn't cry, Your loving attempts to
open your eyes I didn't know what to do when I saw you that day So different
from yourself, as in a hospital bed you did lay Shocked and scared, afraid
to lose Aware of the loved ones that filled your room Your visitors came in
constant groups of two's

I remember our midnight picnic table discussions Your comments were minimal
but meant just the same I remember block parties and bonfires When you would
come over after a difficult day You called me your other daughter And it
felt so true I know if God could have chosen me another Mom His first choice
would be you.

From barbeques to boat rides, our times were so great.
Picnic tables and motorcycles, porch swings and summer days Photographs
taken by you, captured never a moment too late.
Never too tired out from our neighborhood's craze.

Now I stood there watching, as each breath came slow, And fought to find
courage, unable to let go.
You looked at us all, and knew you were not alone As I watched another one
of God's angels returning home

Thank you, my other Mom,
For making me the person I am today.
Without your existence, I could not be this way.
Thank you for being there, watching me grow The love that you shared, I am
so blessed to know Thank you for fixing my skinned knee's and burns And
reassuring me when I found life's twists and turns Thank you for opening
your home and your heart, A heart that will always stay with me, although
we're apart.

I cried as by your bedside, I said my silent good-bye Now knowing the answer
to my question, "Why?"
As you are drawn away from us, all my love I send God must have been missing
his closest friend.

March 11, 2006