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Questions from Kids & Adults ~ with Answers!
It's no secret that we really have a genuine concern for grieving (sad) kids. Your questions can be about anything having to do with death, grief, and loss, but especially feel comfortable asking about things that are affecting you that you might not understand. This can be a very confusing world, even cruel sometimes and we know you have to face a lot of really tough situations. So... we might not know all the answers, but we we will do our best to help you understand a little better.
Every question about death, grief and loss will be answered by email. All questions and answers will be posted here unless you ask us not to. We will NOT post any names or email addresses. If you want to write directly to other kids, join our support group, Kids-to-Kids

Thank you for visiting , and for caring enough to take an active interest in getting yourself help.

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Kids’ Q & A
How can you hold so many feelings inside knowing that you really need to let it out but you can't?
what happens when we die?
hi i am MATTHEW age five...how come grandpa died when he was nice?
what's a peer?
everyone makes fun of me what can i do?
for the past 3 years haven't really felt the way I use too...
my cousin died...i am usually so strong but this is really getting me upset and i was wondering how long it was going to take till i would get over this?
How do I help a very troubled boy my Mom doesn't like?
Can someone out here well give me advice on how to feel when a close friend dies?
Is heaven a made up place just 2 make us feel better?
the kids that said there were gonna kill people...i am scared to death because i think he would do something like that. what do i do?? 
It's been 5 years since my grandma on my father's side died, and 3 years since my grandparents on my mother's side died, but I still can't seem to handle it.
My father died...why did he die so soon?
Questions and concerns about Columbine High School Shooting in 1999
Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, Grandma, Grandpa, Teacher, Babysitter, Neighbor.... This is where your questions and answers come in to play on .
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Do you have a question?

CLICK HERE (email link) to write to us.

Adults’ Q & A
8 year old student grieving mother
6 year old lost mother as a baby
10 year old lost his twin
7 year old daughter cold about death
3 year old grandson has lost his mom
5 year old scared of death, after death of her father
10 year old not crying after death of her father
8 year old daughter found Grandfather after death
4 year old lost a classmate
7 year old losing dog
How long is too long to grieve?
Mom with terminal cancer talking to children
Why no message board?
Additional support for grieving grandchild
Girls seem unaffected by father's death
Grieving over time - what to expect
Child hurting herself
Delayed grief reaction over loss of father
Violent death of older brother
Telling your child about a death

Teenager lost Grandfather

The basics of grief support for children

We lost our Moms, and I'm still the Dad

Russian roulette took our friend

Teacher wishing to help grieving student

My stepdaughter is losing her mother

Son's friend lost father - how can we help?

Helping chidren deal with sibling suicide

19 year old still grieving

Son won't talk about death of father

Making life decisions after death of girlfriend

Grandparents avoidance after son's death

Fearful reaction from teenager to loss

Teacher looking for grief resources

Lost Dad and Uncle within 3 days of each other

These two kids are missing their Dad

Will little brother remember his big sister.

Explaining grief to someone with Downs Syndrome

My 6 year old lost his Great Grandfather

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